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ENIKMA engineering firm


ENIKMA engineering firm

Established on 20 April 2000
Number of staff: 3
Owner: Anett Heinrich-Döß, construction engineer, safety engineer

ENIKMA - Acronym for
Entsorgungskonzepte, Ingenieurleistungen, Kundenservice und Maschinentechnik in der Abfallwirtschaft
(disposal concepts, engineering services, customer service and machine technology in waste management)

Certified as a specialised firm under Section 19 L of the WHG (German Water Resources Act)
(Testing, maintenance and cleaning of equipment suitable for class AII, AIII combustible liquids and equipment suitable for other water-pollution substances; leak testing of light liquids separators and sludge collection systems) Monitoring agreement made with providers of technical services TÜV Rheinland/Berlin-Brandenburg

Permission to carry out brokerage transactions in accordance with Section 50 of the German Waste Avoidance, Recycling and Disposal Act (KrW-/AbfG) (licence for commercial brokerage of transportation of waste - 60 kinds of waste - within Germany)

Services, training and consulting in the areas of WORK SAFETY and ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION
External safety coordinator and environmental protection expert for trade and industry clients in the Rhineland-Palatinate region

Registered with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Chamber of Crafts
(Trades and crafts included in the trade and craft register maintained by the Chamber of Crafts at Koblenz in acc. with Section 7.2 of the Crafts Code: Bricklaying, concrete work, plastering, painting and decorating)

Real estate trade (acquisition, refurbishment, sale) and renting, administration, refurbishment and improvement of existing properties - if necessary with assisted-living facilities for elderly or physically challenged persons

Colour consulting and interior decorating


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