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ENIKMA engineering firm


  Anett Heinrich-Döß
  Born in Dresden, Dez. 1965 (Capricorn)
1982 - 1984 Occupation: skilled construction worker
1984 - 1989 A-levels followed by a university course in Constructive Engineering at the University of Engineering at Cottbus (now "Brandenburgische TU")
University degree in the field of Structural Systems
Technical Drawing during the entire professional career, later including CAD.
1984 - 1988 Member of the university's team ceramic arts
1989 - 2000 Employment as an engineer (with companies in Germany)
Experience in completely different areas such as recycling; rebuilding of half-timbered houses; construction and planning - including with CAD - in the fields of architecture, plant engineering / process engineering / recycling technology. Technical director of a service company specialised in hazardous waste disposal, recycling and protection of the environment
Since 2000 Self-employed; established ENIKMA engineering firm,
2001 Obtained an additional engineering degree in the field of safety engineering
Registered with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and in the craft register maintained by the Chamber of Crafts at Koblenz
Interest in drawing with graphite, coal, ink dating back to earliest childhood
Since 2004 Painting & decorating (as sideline jobs)
(mainly acrylic paint with additives & materials such as mirrors, day-glow paint and UV paint, metal foil, sand, etc.)
(often influenced by mathematics and physics and "multi-dimensional" design of works, "second sight" when exposed to UV or black-light)
since April 2007 Painting classes at the ART-PRAXIS studio of the steel sculptor and painter Gernot Meyer-Grönhof in Bad Kreuznach
June/July 2008 Co-operation in the ALDIANA Fuerteventura theatre workshop
Construction of props for the premiere of the musical "Rock me Amadeus".
August 2008 Berlin, Corinna E. Gassauer, Magister Art
Intensive course: Introduction to airbrush technique and oil painting
Materials, processing, practical application


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